Pandemic gardening: The two main levels of gardening

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Lets divide our gardening into 2 specific levels.

Level 1: Gardening without electrity. The most natural method I would argue. Here you have soil water, seed, and sunshine. And thats it.

Remarkably – you can do both hydroponics and aquaponics in this level. For hydroponics you can look up the kratky method, for aquaponics just look up Zero electricity aquaponic system.

Aquaponics leve 1
Hydroponics level 1

level 2: Gardening with electricity. This type of gardening involves grow lights, can do hydroponics or aquaponics. Can scale up and get more complex.

Here you can have grow lights and pumps to power your hydroponics and aquaponics.

I am going to make the presumption that I may be out of power during winter. No electricity. So for me, the model will be to do level 1 (no electricity) gardening.

Hydroponics level 2
Aquaponics level 2

Choosing your level, is important!

How I like to think about it is escalators. If they break, they still retain function as stairs. That approach seems more effective.

If you do just level 2 gardening, the issue is once you run out of electricity, your system is done for. You functionality is gone. You can mix and match, sure. But in times of crisis, you would want 100% efficiency or as close to as possible. Suppose you have 50% level 1 and 50% level 2. If you lose electricity, your production will be down by 50%. Now sure you can buy gas/propane generators. But prices of gas may not be low for long, and even if they were, EVERYONE would be buying!

The best approach would be to build a level 1 garden with auxiliary level 2 elements that make it more effective and if should the auxiliary elements fail, ok no worries. Like an escalator breaking, it becomes stairs. That is the approach we want to build from the get go.

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