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Based on neuroscience

Based on neuroscience and meditation

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Frequently asked questions

SageKraft Alpha is a chrome extension built on neuroscience and meditation practices to train the mind to work cohesively. By continuously returning to an intended website of your choosing, you train all other areas of mind to focus on that site. So you become more mindful over time as you browse the web mindfully. 


As above, the core of the app is free… forever! 🙂 Isn’t that? We want to continuously improve the app so we have paid subscription tiers with a few more features. If you would like, feel free to join those. 

Benefits include more mindful browsing. over time, one and off the web.

Anyone can use it, be it students studying for an exam or professionals looking for productivity hacks. 

If you can develop chrome extensions, feel free to shoot an email to  We can take it from there.