Covid19: Potential treatments

In order to look at potential treatments for Covid19, we have to go systematically. First lets look at the types of ways people die from this disease. Disclaimer: NOT MEDICAL ADVISE! Please consult your doctor or healthcare professional.

Two Type of death

  1. Asymptomatic deaths: Deaths occur and no one knew the person had symptoms. Asymptomatic deaths can be posthumously diagnosed as a covid-19 death. However, the issue is that those deaths that were not posthumously verified do not make it to the official death counts.
  2. Symptomatic deaths: This is when the person shows symptoms, usually treated based on country and dies before recovery. These deaths are counted in the official reports (at least for those tested)

Types of Symptoms: Visible vs Hidden

There are two types of symptoms. Visible symptoms are symptoms can be measured with little instruments and can usually be measured by the naked eyes. Example include cough, fever, etc. But hidden symptoms, you need equipment to check and see. Like blood pressure.

Lets deal with the visible symptoms first:

Dry cough is usually more common.

As you can see, fever, dry or otherwise, and shortness of breath are pretty common. What would be interesting if we can find out the distribution of these symptoms based on gender (male vs female). Perhaps that is for another day. So now we look at symptom on set.

Symptom on set

This chart may not be updated: Found on

As you can see from the chart, generally you are looking at 22 days in the hospital if not more. Now, good news is, at the time of writing there is potential medications being investigated called chloroquine and remdemsivir. So the times in the chart will likely change! Now that we know this, lets look at hidden symptoms.

Hidden Symptom(s)

  1. Hypertension/high blood pressure.

RUMORS: This tweet was later deleted. Am looking for a better source. But it should be something we are aware of.

Now we come to preventatives


Vitamin A : (build your cell walls)

Vitamin D:

  1. Quells cytokine storms: 
  2. General benefit of Vitamin D:

Herbal Approach

Dr. Paul Cottrell and Joachim Gerlach

Screenshots from this video that will be helpful to jump around:

Video Time Mark (VTM): 20:39
VTM: 22:35
VTM: 28:14
VTM: 34:56

Potential Medical Treatment


Chloroquine + Zinc

Mix of medical and Herbal

  1. Quercetin + Zinc


Chaga Mushroom: Clif high video:

In use: 

High Dose Vitamin C:

Dr. Cheng:          

Emergency Mix (also by Clif High, thanks Clif): 

What I am using

Chaga mushroom tea  + Vitamin C. That’s it at the moment. Preventing this right now.  

Potential uses mix;
Carbon 60  (helps to increase the effectiveness of vitamin c) + Vitamin C + Chaga tea. 

Good website: 

Clif High Treatment Formula with Phases! 

Potentially complicationary drugs/treatments

Anti Inflammatory drugs:   (avoiding Ibprofin and others could be helpful)’

Medical handouts/One Pager